Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How to Complete or Revamp Your oDesk Profile

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As featured on oDesk's "Buzzworthy" June 2009 Newsletter.

Since I have been writing quite a lot of “How To” articles for one of my oDesk clients, I came up with an idea to write one about completing or revamping your oDesk profile. So, fellow oDeskers, especially the greenhorns out there, learn below some of my tried and tested guidelines on how to give your oDesk profile a face-lift and ultimately, obtain more buyers:

1. Come up with a catchy title – I notice that some of the providers’ titles are simply boring. It’s not that hard to perhaps add an adjective that best describes your role/s. If you can think of a captivating title, that’s a definite plus!

2. Write a brief and honest objective – Some people miss out this very crucial part of their oDesk profile. It’s essential to supply your purpose for registering as an oDesk provider—whether as a data encoder, virtual assistant, SEO writer or what have you. It need not be a long one, just a concise and sincere explanation of what buyers can expect from you.

3. Say something about your skills and talents
– Don’t simply enumerate them; describe them as explicit as you can. A lot of buyers would absolutely want to readily determine how much you know about a specific skill set. So, don’t just use the rating system and leave the description blank. Maximize it by putting a sentence or two detailing what you’re really good at.

4. Take more tests – You should take advantage of these practical tests, especially the ones related to your role/s to show your abilities. Hide those test results that are not so impressive. Plus, remember that you can retake the exams after a month, so don’t lose hope if you scored low—there’s always a next time. Additionally, take free Brainbench tests; subscribe to be notified if they’re giving out free tests.

5. Furnish an awesome portfolio – Don’t leave this section blank, if at all possible. Most buyers would love to see some samples of your masterpieces; don’t be shy to show them what you got. If you have a blog that you manage, a website you’ve designed, etc., include them all on this portion. The possibilities here are simply infinite—get creative!

6. Watch out for your work history and feedback – While we can’t do much about this, apart from being a diligent oDesk provider, you can hide some unpleasant remarks from previous buyers. The only viable solution really is to devote your 100% commitment to whatever assignments you’re given and that is tantamount to a satisfied buyer and a positive feedback!

7. Don’t ignore the “Others” – I see tons of oDesk profiles that totally neglect this very nice feature. Here, you can pretty much include anything that can add some spice to your oDesk profile—trainings you took, seminars you attended, special awards or recognition you received, etc. This is the place to brag about yourself, in a good way.

8. Take pride in your educational attainment – Don’t simply input your school and the years attended, like most people do. Describe it in a few words; say you graduated top 10 of the batch or you were best in Math, etc.—pour them all out here.

9. Exhibit your current or previous job/s on the resume section – If you have a current work aside from oDesk or had previous work experiences outside oDesk, be sure to include them as well. These employments positively add credibility to your oDesk profile. With that in thought, don’t forget to fill out this part.

10. Set a reasonable rate – While we have the power to put whatever rate we desire, it’s very vital to make it logical. If you really think you are excellent in what you do and you can prove it or your feedbacks and test scores show as such, by all means you have every right to demand a higher rate. And to those who offer an extremely low rate but can perform really well, I suggest not to undersell yourself just to obtain more buyers. Majority of buyers won’t really mind to pay high for quality providers. But if you are getting paid low, just work more efficiently to impress your buyers and you can eventually ask for a gradual rate increase.

11. Last but definitely not the least—attach a photo, preferably your picture and not some avatar or symbol – Your picture doesn’t even need to be super formal; as long as it’s decent, that should be fine. Besides, having a snapshot sets everything in and makes your oDesk profile more interesting to check out.

I guess that’s all folks. I have exhausted with all my might every tip I could think of. But I want to reiterate to please complete your profile to 100% to have an edge and get noticed by buyers! I wish best of luck to all of us oDesk providers who change how the world works. May we all have more buyers to come!

If you have additional tips or simply want to say, “Hi,” feel free to holler back.

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